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Being Inquisitive Means Hope

The pressing words stating your body will no longer work the way it used to can scare the Be-Jesus out of many, and why wouldn’t it?

This blood cancer journey, I would have to say, has included a lot of reflection on what I’m made of, and my choices in this managing process. The steps that took place were not done from a playbook; it's been one that you had to have lived to understand. One of the highlights for me and my survival has been asking questions and really being intuitive to the diagnosis.

Asking questions and doing research

One highlight I’ve learned that is being inquisitive in asking questions and researching more has been my kryptonite in processing everything. I also understand that everything listed about blood cancer, and especially multiple myeloma, is not the case for everyone.

Yes, I was part of the Google gang. Think about it, that is the first place to look for references when you're told you have cancer. For many, we automatically do a search to learn more information about what the doctor shared or didn’t share because we want to absorb and truly understand all that we can. However, it’s taking those resources for face value that is where being careful with the data, and experiences that really differ between each patient, is important, and taking those cases for face-value may not be totally the best.

Bundle of questions

Yes, questions are part of the process and if you never moved about life asking questions, then get ready for a free-for-all because there are a lot of questions. Sometimes you'll be asking those same questions multiple times, until you finally process the influx of information. I wish there was a better way, but just like learning anything being inquisitive to learn more is how we learn.

In my case, I cannot be just being told something, and then the line of conversation just stalls. My first question, if I can recall, was “How and why”, and to this day, hitting nearly 15 years later, I still ask this same question as the answers over this stretch have not stuck. I keep asking and learning from others the possibilities and theories. I feel indebted to Me, Myself, and I while holding on to that hope.

Questions are not disrespectful

I’ve met some people who believe asking a lot of questions or going against the grain of what the doctors say about a diagnosis means being disrespectful to our doctors. Well, some doctors lack the couth, yet some people still hang on to their words because maybe they are the best in that specialty or have been there from the beginning.

Finding a balance between finding your satisfaction with what is being told and what is being done opens the door to questions, and maybe that works for some people. By no means should it feel like asking something means something more than what the question poses. Taking the lead in being inquisitive opens the door for hope and being a co-partner in your care. Ask away and feel confident in doing so.

 The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile…. when you feel like it

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