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Last updated: November 2021

So the fun and games continue. And as it so often seems with me, nothing is straightforward and simple, which is annoying as I would much rather it was that way just once or twice. Since last writing, I’ve had a couple of phone calls and a couple of video fertility appointments and in some ways, things aren’t any further forward than they were.

I’ve found out that my first fertility consultant is now at a different hospital, so I have requested my hospital notes as I want to see exactly what they have written down about my appointments, both last summer and 14 years ago because I’m going to complain to the General Medical Council about their blasé behavior towards me and my fertility stuff. I also, depending on what’s in them, I might speak to a solicitor. Because they need to be held accountable for what they have done. But before I get seriously fighty, which I will, I need to know what they have recorded and what they did, because obviously, I don’t want to engage in pointless legal action.

I should have my notes within the next 2 weeks.

So what has happened since?

I’ve found out that my egg reserve is really low so I have compromised fertility, which I think is due to my chemotherapy treatment over the years. It might not be, but my sister and mother both had babies in the second half of their 30’s with no problems. I know that just because they are fine, it doesn’t mean that I would be, but I do think that my treatment has negatively impacted my eggs. Especially as when I had them frozen 14 years ago, I produced 22 for one collection which is pretty amazing. 

I’m just so happy, that even with all the stuff with the first fertility consultant, I do have the frozen eggs, otherwise this would be so much harder. I also found this out in appointment number 3, after having the blood test back last October, so it would have been nice for this to have been flagged with me sooner. I suppose because I’m using my eggs it wasn’t critical info, but still. It’s never great to read in a follow-up letter that your fertility is compromised. The one thing the consultant did say to me is that because my eggs are 22 years old, my age is pretty irrelevant which is nice to know.

Still waiting to hear about funding

I’m also still waiting to hear about funding. It may be that if I move my fertility care to my current location it would be funded without a problem, but the issue with that is shared care across hospital trusts which in the UK is a complete and utter nightmare.  Fertility consultants numbers 2 and 3, and my hematology consultant have all agreed with me that if I can keep it all under one roof, then that will be so much better. 

I don’t want to have to be the liaison between everyone, especially as I will be so closely monitored through my pregnancy. So an appeal has gone in from fertility consultant number 3 who said it’s hopeful to come back in my favor, so I shall wait and see. It might still be a no. But I’m really hoping it will be a yes. And yes, the NHS is very complicated and not one streamlined organization.  It’s loads of separate bits that don’t talk to each other, with different funding priorities depending on postcode. J.O.Y.

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