Five Free Ways to De-stress with Blood Cancer

Having blood cancer is emotionally and financially draining. There is so much going on, but the best thing you can do right now is take care of yourself. The problem is, there are appointments, treatments, and a whole new routine you have to learn. How can you find the time or the money to treat yourself to something nice and relaxing?

Free and easy coping strategies

Below I will give you 5 tips of things you can do for yourself that won't cost anything and won’t take much time. And...they will help you to feel a little better. See which suits you best and give them a try. Hopefully some of these ideas will be comforting, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

  1. Listen to an inspirational podcast. There are so many informational, inspirational, and even funny podcasts available for free. Just do a search for podcasts and the type that would interest you and you will find plenty. There are also tons of YouTube videos if you prefer to watch instead of listen. Podcasts can last from 15 minutes or so to more than an hour. Pick one that fits your time or just listen to part of it and come back to it later.
  2. Read or listen to a book. Reading or listening to a good book is another way to take your mind off your situation for a little while. I love books and have a hard time putting them down once I get started. There are free library apps you can use to listen or read a book, or you can take a trip to the local library and get a hard copy, CD, or even a video. This will not only get you out of the house for a bit, it will also give you the opportunity to ask the librarian for suggestions.
  3. Take a quick nap. Naps can really make a difference in how you’re feeling, especially if you’re not sleeping well. Even a 10 minute power nap can rejuvenate you and give you a burst of energy. It may even improve your overall attitude and mood.
  4. Practice breathing. This might sound silly to some of you, because don’t we always breathe? The thing is, we don’t breathe deeply. Taking a minute or two to take in a few deep breaths and then exhale completely helps to relax you. And it will also oxygenate the body. How you do it? Breathe in slowly for a count of 8, hold for a count of 8, and then exhale slowly and completely for a count of 8. Do this 4 times, but be sure to sit while you do it. All the extra oxygen can make you a bit lightheaded.
  5. Take a drive. Sometimes getting out of the house and seeing some new scenery can be the best medicine. You are getting fresh air, some sunlight, and changing things up a bit. You don’t have to go for long. Just getting out of the house for a little while can make a world of difference. It may even help you to sleep better!

A little change can make a big difference

Time and money are always tight, but just a little change in your day can make a world of difference with how you’re feeling. Trying a new routine for a day may take your mind off everything you are going through. I know that part is tough, but even if you get a break for a few minutes, it will help.

Wishing you health and happiness.

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