Determination and Faith in Myself - The Impact on My Cancer Journey

A cancer diagnosis can have a devastating effect on your life. I was overwhelmed and uncertain as to how to manage this frightening news and its implications.

I have always considered myself a person with a positive attitude who tries to be realistic. However, after my non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer diagnosis, I found this to be a challenge.

I found it hard to focus on positives

While trying to consider all options and implications of my disease, my perceptive granddaughter named me “Debbie Downer,” as she viewed me as being negative. As I look back at my behavior, I can see that I was not positive.

I focused on the negative

I researched all sources concerning my cancer, treatment, possible complications, and prognosis and planned actions to take should negative events occur. Unfortunately, I did focus on the negative possibilities. This negativity can have tremendous effects on our lives.

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Determined to persevere

I discovered determination or perseverance and faith would be more effective strategies to deal with my dilemma. Determination kept me trying to manage my cancer and the effects of chemotherapy. I had so much to live for. I told myself that I will survive this difficult time.

We control our own point of view, how we react, and our attitude in this most challenging situation. I had setbacks, such as being admitted to the hospital twice with complications from chemotherapy.

I discovered determination shaped my personality and faith in my ability made me stronger.

Faith in my own ability

Faith is the ability to believe in yourself and that you will succeed. Faith helps reduce anxiety and lessen our feelings of being overwhelmed. It is the complete trust in someone or something. Meditation and spirituality deepened my faith and helped me focus on living rather than failing.

I learned that I control my view of life. I control how I react to difficult situations.

Determination is a foundation and how you see your life. My granddaughter’s words caused me to carefully look at my thoughts and attitudes. She was right. I was focusing on all the wrong things.

Envisioning that things would go well

Determination allowed me to envision and expect things to go well rather than obsess about what could go wrong. Positive thoughts helped reduce stress, become more productive and handle challenges more easily.

With determination, I began to use deep breathing while I analyzed a difficult situation and considered the best solution rather than allowing the negativity to overcome me. This encouraged a more active mind. I found myself willing to try new things without worrying about failure.

We may need to train ourselves to be more determined. Have faith in what you are doing. Try not to doubt your abilities. Believe that you can do it. Faith is the tool that will help us maintain our spirit.

I have become more resilient

My outlook on life is different. I am more resilient against setbacks. I am more likely to accept when things do not go as planned. I discovered things that truly mattered.

I am trying to view life as a lesson learned and try new approaches. I have realized that we will encounter stumbling blocks but need to go forward and remain focused.

Determination and faith have encouraged me to push myself and achieve more in life.

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