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Can Cancer Crush Dreams?

Last updated: January 2021

Can cancer crush dreams? Well, that may all depend on what your goals and dreams were before getting the news of blood cancer. How was life in general? What was the plan? I know a lot of people speak of their life as being ruined by the diagnosis. I mean the disruption of it all. How to regroup from the normal to this new situation? Whereas you have others that say their diagnosis has opened up their eyes in moving about in a new way in cherishing, what is really dear and important.

Rush, rush, rush

We all know of the busy go lucky people that are always on the go with so much to do, that frankly never get it all done. You may just be this sort of individual, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The saying 'don’t let life pass you by' can be dissected here as multitasking works for some, in getting it all on the table, because they know life is short. Some may not like that way of movement as they just may not have the physical capabilities to do so. If it’s one thing we all know so well, is that we each walk in different shoes.

Dream the impossible dream

Despite dreaming of a life with no more treatment and going back to normal, or the new normal; should we let go of things we wanted to do pre-cancer? I actually changed careers from corporate to a trainer. I didn’t know what my outcome was going to be but it was something I felt in my gut I needed to secure and make a go of it. Taking on the task of study or going back to school or training is a lot to bother with when you’re not feeling well, but if it’s something you want to do- why not? I think you have to look at things differently in how you want to take the fear out of cancer while living your best life. Yes, you may need to move about differently than before, but it doesn’t mean cancer wins.

One movie that I enjoyed was “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. The story of fellow cancer patients that live it up. One is a go-getter despite his situation, whereas the other is a bit reserved and solemn in his prognosis. The story is sweet in some way as it allows a meeting of the minds and checking off that bucket list of dreams, and doing what they thought cancer does for most and that is crush dreams. In their case, they took back the outcome by living. I also find that being in this kind of puddle, again for most allows us more activity than before. I think those who choose to be advocates give a voice and a face of what the disease is, and there are so many different faces of blood cancer, and we’re all doing different things.

So can cancer crush dreams? Nope, only if you choose to let it.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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