A man choosing between a series of doors

Choosing Doors 1, 2, and 3

Have you ever seen that game show Price is Right? The object is to spin the wheel and be the highest scorer, who wins a chance to bid on the prizes at hand. Well, usually this show leads to the contestant choosing between the prizes at hand or picking what is behind the curtains/doors. I thought of the same sentiments when it comes to picking and choosing where we would like to be in the grand theme of things. Sure, living and being cancer-free would be the ultimate goal for everyone, but what if you couldn’t reach that level, are you okay with settling?

Door 1: Treatment upon treatment

For many of us, it may be in the cards that our daily day-to-day lives include maintenance drugs. The maintenance medications are called to do two things for us: live longer or get us to remission. Depending on who you speak to, especially with multiple myeloma, this blood cancer is deemed for most to reoccur (but, let’s not dread that part).

Have you come to the realization that this journey now involves work, play, family, and maintenance drugs? I think for many of us we learn to adjust and adjust well, and we get excited when we see numbers drop, as many know this, indeed, is a numbers game. The probability for most is a life that continues with some form of medication. Are you okay with that realization?

Door 2: I want it all

Sometimes what we want and what actually ends up being are two separate things. Again, I think for most people, you learn to adjust and follow the protocol as it seems fit for you, as each individual experience is its own unique condition. So we want the door that hopefully has that sunny day and life back to normal, but we know the reality. What will this door hold? Hope, disappointment, or zip? Well, that’s usually the chance many proceed to take. Yes, we want it all and then some, if we can have it, that is.

Door 3: At peace with blood cancer

Well, when doors 1 and 2 fail, then what? When prayers are unanswered or the options have dwindled, what then? There comes a time when each person faced with adversity has to bring a level of peace with whatever the situation is. So if you go for hope and eagerness, then see if door 3 holds the Holy Grail. Are the odds worth it? For many, it is, for if we didn’t have hope and higher expectation, then how can we truly recover from cancer?

There are so many questions and sometimes the answers are not as straightforward. But we hold on to hope and perseverance that whatever we choose, we will okay with the end results. I wish life was easy and the trials easier, but they are not. We do it all and, at times, bid the highest because we’re at peace to put it all on the line for another day.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it.

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