Abandoning Your Superhero

The superheroes I enjoyed in youth were Adam West T.V. "Batman", William Katt’s “The Greatest American Hero”, and finally the one and only Lynda Carter in "Wonder Woman". I remember these shows but I was so young I did not really grasp the whole bad and good guy set-up. The Wonder Woman show was exciting as she changed into her superpowers with a simple spin and an awesome costume. We hold superheroes as the saviors, but as we get older we see these beings for what they are… make-believe.

The reality with a chronic disease

I wish I could take a spin and rid myself of any pain and despair, but that is not how this thing called life works, especially with blood cancer. I appreciate the efforts of the television writers that come up with these unbelievable stories, but we know the truth.

The truth can be hard to deal with as some of us try to emulate those powers' of strength and courage. Those that take it all in and make a way of doing it all despite cancer, despite a chronic condition like myself, try. And sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we don’t. I guess there’s some power felt in knowing that you can still live amongst the norm, despite losing that kryptonite.

What're your powers?

Every now and again a conversation will pop up, on what would you do if you had the powers of anything: Power to see the future, would you? Power to feed the world, could you? Power to cure cancer, should you?

The answers are common sense, but I guess it also depends on the individual and if they were presented with that kind of control, would they morally do what is right?

If we could cure cancer would that be enough, or would there be another something that was dire and final... What can be worse than this pickle? The decisions on this train can be so complicated and challenging and if we can zap it every now and again, wouldn’t it be so great?

 The choice is yours

So, would you or wouldn’t you, and can you handle the truth of being a superhero? Well, as I mentioned, it really depends on the type of individual you are now and were before being diagnosed. I believe the claim of being one helps you process what you may be experiencing, Why not enter the lane of being on top of the world? The problem sometimes is it's at a cost; there may be times when the spark wears thin, and the armor we hold just doesn’t cut it anymore, and the true fatigue shows evident. So do we give up the dream and the fantasy of doing the most, while feeling that ever-so-annoying fatigue?

There are too many questions and so little time, so we adjust to living in the present while being comfortable in taking a backseat to recharge, all while abandoning our superhero.

Suffering Sappho - Carry on!

 The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile…. when you feel like it

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