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What is the difference between t-cell and b-cell lymphoma

Has anyone experienced sores in the mouth with either of these cancers or a hoarse voice that is not getting any better or sores on the skin

  1. I have Leukemia, I have had mouth sores at various times but not prolonged. As of recently I am starting to experience more frequent hoarse voice and its neither comfortable or convenient, as I am a motivational speaker and life coach. I do hope you get the answers and support you need. Most of all, please follow-up with your doctor if there is a serious concern and/or discomfort. ~Leya Elijah-Team Member~

    1. When i was actively undergoing chemo I would develop mouth sores that lasted only for a few days. I found using a mild mouth wash and/or a salt water rinse several times a day helped. I did develop some hoarseness as i was nearing the end of my treatments that lasted for several months - Now it is gone Dennis( TEAM)

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