Dennis Golden

Blood Cancer Community Advocate Dennis GoldenHaving been treated and survived an aggressive form of Prostate Cancer twice since 2013, I made it a mission to reach out to men and their partners on the need for men to actively engage in and take responsibility for their personal health. To that end I formed the National Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation Inc and its sister organization TheProstateCancerCoach The latter was designed help men and their partners who are often at a loss when faced with the challenging decisions that surround the prevention, detection and treatment of prostate diseases.

My world was turned upside down on a July 4, 2020 during a visit with my daughter and grandchildren in Virginia. At 11 PM I needed to visit the emergency room due to “chest pain”. After an evening of testing and scans, the emergency room doctor told me I was facing Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer and I may want to get back to Connecticut for treatment.

Two weeks later, at home my MD called me at 8:45PM. He had good news based on a biopsy. The pain I was experiencing along with loss of appetite and bowel issues was due to Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma - a treatable disease when caught early. I turned to Health Union and began reading articles. As of this writing I am undergoing Chemo and learning more every day.

It did not take long to understand that in addition to being a moderator and writer for I now had a new calling - to become involved in and to share my experiences and offer insight into my personal journey with blood cancer.

That’s my story and I will continue to update. Who knows perhaps we may chat here one day.

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