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Some Days Are Tougher Than Others, But Let’s Look At The Positives

Life has its ups and downs. This is true no matter who you are, what you do, how much money you have, or even who you know. If this weren’t true our lives would be a flat-line without the highs and the lows. Without the bad times, it would be hard to appreciate the good times we experience in life. This is true, even when we are facing cancer.

Cancer affects everyone in the family. No matter what, it always starts as a low period in your life. Getting cancer, or knowing a family member has cancer, is scary and can feel like a death sentence. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but you do and learn to go on with life. The key is to make every day count in some way.

Quality time

When my daughter Crystal was diagnosed with cancer, it was a tough time for all of us. We didn’t see it then, but we got to spend some quality time with her, as she came home to do her treatments. Although there were many hard days, there were plenty of good times too. I wish we didn’t get this time together because of cancer, but that is the way it happened and I'm grateful for the time we got to share.

Crystal’s treatments were tough. She was always anxious on the way there, but each time she tried to think of something different to do to take her mind off of what was to come. We would shop, go out to eat, do funny videos, or just take a walk. I hated when she had treatments because they knocked her out for a week, but the fun we had on the way there are memories we still talk about today. Crystal was only trying to take her mind off the inevitable, but she was trying to make it more bearable by making the ride there a positive experience.

Making the most of the experience

When we finally arrived at the treatment center, we always had to wait for her appointment. This caused Crystal to feel even more anxiety because she knew what was coming. What she did to help take her mind off the treatment was to make countdown signs. She had 12 rounds of chemo and she made or had family and friends make signs to help her countdown her treatments. When she got into the treatment room, she would take a picture or do a video to show how the number was decreasing. It made her feel good to do this and it was a way to keep her friends and family up to date. She enjoyed getting everyone involved and it helped to make this awful experience more positive.

Another time, Crystal received bracelets from a caring person who encouraged her to pass them out to others. During one of her times sitting in the waiting room before treatment, she passed out these bracelets. It made her feel so good to put a little light in someone else’s day. I think this is one of her most memorable times.

It’s going to be tough, but try to focus on the positives. Cancer is difficult for the person with it as well as the family. I was Crystal’s primary caregiver and it was hard to watch her go through everything she did, but she had a way to make it fun. I’m so glad she’s better now, but sometimes we reminisce on those times. They were scary, but the times of fun and silliness made it bearable. Taking those tough times and adding some positives helps you to get through it.

Wishing you health & happiness.

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