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Crystal & Life After Cancer (Part 2)

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Crystal did her time, took her treatments, endured the side effects, but reached the coveted finish line and rang the bell. Well, she wanted to, but they didn’t have a bell. It didn’t matter, she had been cleared and now had some decisions to make in her life. The first step was her job.

When Crystal moved and accepted the offer for her new job, she signed a contract. She was obligated to finish her time at the TV station, but she knew she wouldn’t re-sign and she started looking into other options. She found and was able to get a job with the federal government. It would include travel and she really liked the people she was working with. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and now that she’s working from home, travel was out of the question. Crystal is still enjoying her job, but that may soon change - read on...

Excited about new beginnings

Not long after finishing treatments, Crystal went back to Virginia. Then, soon after that, Crystal met Brad. Brad is also in the Air Force, but full time, and for him, the Air Force is his career. When you are in the Air Force it is very common to have to move every few years and Brad will have to be moving very soon. Crystal is planning on moving with him because they recently got engaged and are planning a date as I write this post!

I am extremely happy for her because she is so happy. Brad is wonderful to her and I can see the bond they share. Brad will have to move to Las Vegas soon and although Crystal is sad to leave the friends she’s made and possibly her job, she is very excited about the change and all the new things the two of them will experience together. Personally, I can’t wait to go out and visit them. Hopefully, this fall.

Crystal is doing very well

As far as jobs go, that is up in the air at this point. Crystal plans on staying in the reserves, but other than that she is not sure where her career path is headed yet. She is taking it a day at a time and will see where this adventure leads. All I can say is, for now, she is very happy and so excited about the changes. Of course, there is some stress involved, but she’s trying to keep that at bay. One more very exciting thing - Crystal and Brad will be buying their first house together. They have already found one and have gotten an offer accepted!!

So as you can see, Crystal is doing very well. She is happy, engaged, is making a big move, and will be celebrating 4 years of being cancer-free this year. I am very proud of her accomplishments and know there will be many more in her future. I want to thank everyone who has asked about her. It means a lot to both of us! After she makes her big move, which will be early in the summer, I will give you another update.

Wishing you health & happiness.

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