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More Tips For The Caregiver

Every day I notice helpful things we can do for others. I notice these things because people have been kind to me and when I see people being kind to others it makes me feel good. I recently found out a few more things that people or caregivers can do to help those with cancer. I will list 5 of them below.

How can we help others?

Buy them a comfortable pair of new PJs, slippers, or a robe. Who doesn’t love wearing new warm and cozy pajamas? Coming home after treatment and finding such a nice surprise would help your loved one to feel a little better. If they didn’t have a chance to change the sheets or make the bed, that would add a little more comfort to a difficult day.

Offer to watch their children. Going through cancer and the treatments that go with it can be taxing. It’s hard on the whole family, especially the children. Offering to watch the kids is one way to show you care. Your loved ones and their children will appreciate the break and the time to rest. Children, actually the whole family, go through cancer. If you can take the kids out for the day, it will give them a break from the worrying and stress and it will also help to put your loved one at ease. Who doesn’t want to know their children are having a good day?

Offer to pet sit. Sometimes treatments mean your loved ones may have to be gone for a day or so. Offering to care for their pets while they are away will ease the stress and financial burden of having to find a pet sitter.

Do their food shopping or go with them. Your loved one will need food and other items, but they may not be able to go or go by themselves. Helping out and going shopping for them or picking up items when you’re in the store anyway would be so helpful. As an added tip, be sure to ask what they could use or want to eat. Cancer treatments can do a number to one’s palate and taste buds, so be sure to ask before you spend money or have your feelings hurt unintentionally.

If you have the extra money, have someone come in to help them clean. Cleaning the house or doing laundry may also be difficult right now. Having someone come in once a week to clean, do laundry, and maybe cook a meal or two wouldn’t be too expensive and may be just what is needed right now. It’s worth looking into and maybe a few friends or family members can chip in to pay for this expense. If money is an issue, maybe taking turns to help out would work.

Learning you have cancer is difficult. Then there are treatments, doctor visits, testing, and with all that, there are still the responsibilities of normal life - whatever that is. Any help you can offer to your loved one is appreciated, even if that is just a phone call. It’s a trying time and any support, especially telling them you care, the best way you can will be worth more than you know.

Wishing you health & happiness!

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