My Long Term Side Effects After Chemo

It’s now been three years since I finished my last chemo and I still find myself blaming chemo for specific nuances in my life. People around me, especially people I met after my rendezvous with cancer, think that I am just a normal healthy person with a HISTORY of illness. I may be cancer free and relatively healthy in regards to the fact that, yes I did have cancer three years ago, but I don’t really consider myself “healthy”. Cancer gave me many gifts. Some gifts that I will cherish and some that I will dread- like the long term side effects I share with you in the video below.

I am learning to thrive through these side effects and learn to embrace my new normal and cherish the fact that I do have life and breath, even though it may be short sometimes. I do sincerely think that it is important to emphasize what Life After Cancer looks like, in all the positive and ’negative’ ways. It may look different for each and every one of us but here is what it mostly looks like for me in regards to long term side effects.

Do you experience long term side effects as well? Please share them below, so we can bond over our “health” and how we embrace and overcome each gift cancer has given us.

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