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Wellness Check

It’s great having people around that you know can check up on you every now and then, however, what about taking the reigns in your own care? Do you do the most you can in ensuring that your well-being is totally covered? Are you paying attention to certain things that affect you making sound decisions? Often times we may get clouded with what needs to be done with what we may have forgotten. Let’s face it, we may have a lot on our plate.

Everyone can offer their opinion on how and what you should do when planning your care, but you make the final decision. When we allow possible bias dip into our thinking, do we then make the best decisions? Are you open to receiving advice? You know that saying the answer was right in front of me the whole time? When we are faced with so many details, it’s good to go about a decision not flustered and with a clear head.

The importance of resting and taking a break to laugh

Are you getting enough rest to make the best decisions? I know for many such as myself getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep sounds easier than doing so. However, we follow what our bodies tell and show us. Rest takes the form of many hours of sleep or small naps, as long as we’re getting it at some point during the day. Usually, the drugs take effect so we don’t have a say most of the time when our fatigue sets in.

Taking deep breaths and absorbing everything around us also makes a huge difference. Obviously, we can’t forget to breathe as that’s our lifeline and we can't get very far without it. However, the quality of breath is what I’m talking about. Before making a big decision in your care and reacting to a new treatment, take a huge breath and meditate for a moment on what is taking place; by doing so it makes room for sound decisions.

It’s not funny but life has a way of throwing obstacles that frankly, you have to chuckle about. Yes, blood cancer is in our way but that doesn’t mean the rest of our life has to follow a series of being so serious. Who says we still can’t take part in a good joke? I mean just the idea we still have a sense of humor is a treasure we don’t want to lose.

Taking a mental break

Part of a sound wellness check is one that caters to a mental break. All conversation doesn’t have to include or be about meds, stem cell transplants, infusions, or lab results. Sometimes we need a break from the follow-up news, especially if it includes bad news. It may help to leave the weekends to regroup from it all. A mental break means either picking up a book for a good read or treating yourself for a zesty treat like a spa treatment.

Lastly, part of the wellness check is to ensure that you are making sure to get other things medically checked. Always remember that blood cancer is not the only thing to focus on healthcare. Part of our wellness check includes visiting a dentist, ophthalmologist, and any other specialist that usually is in place for our total medical care.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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