Sanguis: Raising Awareness Through Photography

Editor's Note: This guest post was written by Béatrice Posner, a photography graduate from Middlesex University in London. She is creating a body of work around the theme of blood and its effects on human lives. Her goal is to raise awareness of blood cancers and blood disorders.


Beatrice Posner

Growing up in a society where the superficial aspects were considered more important than what’s on the inside, I began to question this mindset at a very young age. Because of this constant feeling of disconnection to other people and a longing to learn about the human’s psychological and physical functions, photography developed into a tool which I used to capture people in different contexts. I’ve always been interested in digging deeper into people’s lives to understand the bigger picture of humanity and if we all share a purpose in life. The sense of discontent of seeing most people behaving like robots in a repetitious society spurred my creativity to wanting to connect the community on a much deeper and physical level. With this, I was and am hoping to reveal the humanity behind superficial facades, connecting people and creating a more open community where everybody deserves a place to exist.


Why blood?

Blood is concealed from us, yet we are aware of its existence. I believe this aligns with blood disorders and blood cancers too, because we have knowledge of their presence and its impact on people’s lives. However, you cannot always see the disorder or cancer if it’s in the blood and this is where my photography plays a significant role. Photography is used almost everywhere today, in media, magazines, social media, newspapers etc. and it influences us in many ways. It can educate and inform us, inspire and motivate us, and forms ideas of how to change the world to become a better and open space for all of us. By photographing people whose lives have been affected by a blood disorder or blood cancer, I want to give them a chance to speak openly about it and be seen for who they really are behind the condition. Through creating this intimate connection between the viewer and blood, you face what keeps you alive every day and hopefully become more aware of it. Raising awareness of this precious liquid through my photographs, I hope to encourage and inform people to learn more about its impact on all our lives.

The future of this project

I’ve met extraordinary people on this journey who’ve been willing to share their personal stories of living with blood cancer and blood disorders. My goal is to emphasize the human behind the condition for the purpose of connecting people, and it has been a rewarding experience to learn of how they cope and try to find ways to live even if they’ve received difficult diagnoses. I’ve not only learnt about the scientific aspects of these, but also of how they come to manifest in people around me. This project is not over however, as I continue to photograph people and share their stories to keep raising awareness of blood disorders and blood cancers. I am striving to photograph events and ongoing research on blood conditions around the world to share first-hand photographs of the current activities that cover these topics.

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All photos provided by Beatrice Posner from her work "Sanguis."

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