A three legged golden retriever in front of a sunset

Inspiration Sometimes Finds You When You Least Expect It

Editor's note: Blood-Cancer.com recently talked to a community member battling blood cancer named Larry, who shared a story of Gabby, a golden retriever who also has cancer. This is Larry's story, in his own words.

Several times a week in the early morning, I walk 2-3 miles around Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Doylestown is the quintessential American town with its quaint houses, beautiful lawns, gardens, and trees, especially during this time of year.

Often on my walk, I meet my new friend, Debbie, a genuinely warm and friendly person who is accompanied by her two Golden Retrievers, Gabby and Lillie. On so many occasions, while I am taking a break sitting on a bench with my coffee, I marvel at Debbie and her dogs as they approach me walking along State Street.

Finding inspiration in Gabby

Gabby has inspired me beyond words. Gabby hobbles on three legs having lost one of her legs to cancer about a year ago. But she keeps a steady pace with Debbie and Lillie as though she will not allow the loss of her leg to in any way impair her mobility and slow her down. This Retriever is an absolutely amazing and special dog.

When Gabby approaches me, she looks at me with the eyes of a caring, old soul. Dog lovers will well know what I mean. I am completely convinced that Gabby somehow knows that we are both battling cancer.

Larry and Gabby

Larry and Gabby, the Golden Retriever

It is said that dogs have the smelling ability to detect cancer in humans. But whether this is true or not, I know one thing that leaves me with absolute certainty. And that is Gabby is an example of strength, courage, and inspiration to me and others who see her.

Keep fighting and never lose hope

Gabby reinforces to me that no matter whatever the obstacles and challenges, do your best to keep pace with others, keep fighting, never lose hope, enjoy every moment of every day, and don’t allow cancer to zap your joy and love of life. I will always be grateful and humbled to know Debbie, Gabby, and Lillie either when we meet on the streets of Doylestown or at the very least, in spirit on days when our paths do not cross.

But know, Gabby, that you have touched my heart and enriched my journey with multiple myeloma more than you will ever know, and I hope that in some way I have strengthened yours. You will forever remain an incredible inspiration to me.

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