A New Outlook on the Holidays

The holidays can be quite frustrating. While everyone is running around, you’re maneuvering how to ensure your treatment isn’t disturbed during the glitz of the holidays. I’m sure many of you have your reservations about the holidays. It can be hard to cope with things, even more so at this time of year. I usually get depressed for a slight moment, as sadly, many of my family and friends have passed on. However, I try to regroup from that realization and remember the part of the holidays that make them so great.

Making memories

First, it’s a blast going down a memory lane of silly things that my loved ones said and did during past holidays. Second, I love gifts! I love the thrill of ripping open pretty boxes to see what awaits me and seeing who put so much time into thinking of me. I won’t get started with the food; we get a pass on eating a load of starches and sweets this time of year.

I remember when I was 10, my mom gave me this great tape recorder. Back then, it was the time of taping your favorite song from the radio or TV (something we rarely do now, or not in that way at least). Well, I got this great recorder and wanted to take it to our Christmas family dinner to do what kids like to do - play. I can tell you that to this day that was the best experience ever, 30 years later.

Memories hold strong

The tape I made that day caught the most epic family function ever! There were people running amok at my grandparent’s house. The elders were all tasting a bit of the alcohol and the kids were running around like we were crazy. I, being the eldest grandchild, was holding a bit of composure while recording the comical mayhem.

Though this recording is only of voices, it warms my heart when I hear it, as each family member gone comes alive. My grandmother saying whatever she had on her mind, my grandfather the only one aware I’m recording the crazy conversations but is too loaded to grasp the significance. I can say many of my family members lived their best life that day, and that’s what the holidays are about. Many of those family members are no longer with me, yet when I want a dose of laughter and warmth of those treasures, I can pop this cassette in this classic recorder.

Things to consider

Yes, we go through what we go through, but when you can get a glimmer of those good times to hold in your memory… man, it feels awesome. The holidays prompt us not to take life for granted. I’m always reminded of things to consider when I hear of someone else who has lost a loved one during the holidays or am reminded of the loss of my own. Living day to day and being thankful for another day is necessary. I still have that grey mini recorder and it still works! I still work at living for today and hopefully tomorrow.

What are some of your favorite holiday memories?

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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