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Awareness Beyond September

Our work as advocates does not end with September – Blood Cancer Awareness Month. We will continue to connect people who are affected by blood cancer, share stories from advocates, post current research, and provide more information that will benefit the blood cancer community. Will you help us continue spreading awareness and let others know they are not alone by telling your story? Click here to start sharing!

Ways to stay connected

Stories from the community

Stories from our advocates

Have a question? Got an answer?

Do you know about our community Q&A board? Click here to ask the community a question or help answer one if you have something to add! Check out some of our members’ questions below.

You can also join a conversation or start a new discussion on our forums!

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Have you followed @BloodCancer_HU on Instagram or Twitter? Using multiple social media platforms can help connect people living with blood cancer and their caregivers all over the world. Stay connected by tagging us in your pictures and retweeting your favorite posts!