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Myeloid lymphoid neoplasm with pdgfra and eosinophils

Hi, anyone dealing with the same or similar condition? Myeloid lymphoid neoplasm with pdgfra rearrangement, eosinophilloa with pdgfra mutation ,CEL-NOS or HES, LYMPHOBLASTIC LYMPHOMA with pdgfra mutation?

  1. Hi I'm not sure about on but I know I have seen a lot of people on our facebook group talk about Myeloid cancer. Perhaps you can find some answers to your questions there? I hope this helps!

    1. . None of this is easy. Personally I discovered that speaking up and asking questions (as you are doing) will most likely be your greatest source of information and comfort on this journey.

      1. I hope you keep reaching out and find other like survivors. It does help in our journey to speak with others who understand what we are going through. In the meantime, please know you have support here and we all care!

        ~Leya - Team Member~

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