The Final Treatment

Having cancer and receiving treatment is like buying a boat. The first day you are looking forward to starting treatment so you can hopefully be cured or in remission. The last day, well, you just want it done and you’re over it. That’s how we felt on our way to the last treatment - just done with it and glad it was coming to an end!

Is treatment really over?

I knew my daughter, Crystal, was weak, and each time she got a treatment, I was worried about what it would do to her, but this was the last one! We only had to get through one more! We were excited and nervous. Excited because it was almost over and nervous because we weren’t sure we were really done until the final testing. Crystal had to get testing done at the halfway mark, which was six treatments in. Her test results weren’t great. They saw something on the scan that looked suspicious. This time, we were hoping for a better outcome.

Twelve down, zero to go

Crystal had it rough during all of her treatments, but this treatment was different. She was armed with her sign that read, "Twelve Down, Zero to Go,” and was ready to share the end of her battle with the world. Crystal had a nervous type of energy and she was able to stay awake through most of the chemo treatment. She had a favorite nurse who made sure she was there that day. She bought Crystal a book titled, You Are A Badass, by Jen Sincero, which she read and highly recommends to everyone, whether they are going through cancer or not. We had nothing but high hopes and a positive attitude on this last day. We knew we still had to go through with the final tests, but we felt optimistic. We were so done with chemo!

Ending our chemotherapy day ritual

Each morning before we left for chemo treatments, Crystal would have chocolate chip pancakes. This was her ritual and made her feel ready to tackle what was to come. She did this on her last treatment, too. She also had her last sign to post. Each time she went for chemo, she had signs that people made for her, counting down the visits she had left. This was her final one and she was really looking forward to it. If you can give yourself some kind of a treat before, during, or after chemo - do it! It will give you a little something to brighten your day.

Staying positive and sharing our experience

Your reaction may be better or worse than Crystal’s, but no matter who you are, you don’t want to sit in a doctor’s office or hospital room having poison going into your veins... even if it will save your life. Crystal had a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account. She spent whatever time she could writing blogs, postings, tweets, and Facebook videos. This helped her and she was able to share what she was going through with other people. She also spent time reading about other people’s journeys. Most were happy, but some were sad. She tried not to focus on those and feels the same even now. I agree with her - stay focused on the positive and keep your eye on the end goal. It’s what will get you through this. Good luck to you as you travel through your own personal journey.

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